Family Planning and Birth Control

Many people dream of having families – usually in a specific time frame. Couples often prefer to plan the timing of their children’s births around work, finances, careers, and education. Some want several children, where as others may want none. Regardless of how many children you want and when you want them, your gynecologist can be your partner in achieving your reproductive goals at every stage of life.

Regardless of when an average, healthy female decides to have her children, she’ll spend approximately 30 years using contraceptives or other methods of family planning in order to achieve her goals

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I speak with my gynecologist about family planning?

Whether you need help preventing pregnancy or planning it, your gynecologist can help you develop a realistic plan for achieving your goals.


What types of options are available to me for meeting my reproductive goals?

There are a variety of family planning options available to women and couples who have specific reproductive goals. Examples include birth control pills, NuvaRing, nexplanon, injections, and intrauterine devices. We also offer tubal sterilization for patients who want permanent contraception.

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