Heavy Bleeding

Heavy vaginal bleeding can affect one out of every five women at sometime in their life. This can occur with bad cramps, headaches, and fatigue. Eighty percent report avoiding sex and sixty percent have missed social or athletic events and even work because of this burdensome problem.

There are many ways of treating heavy menstrual bleeding. For women who have completed having children, a simple outpatient procedure has been available over the last twenty years. This is called endometrial ablation where the lining of the uterus is removed with an energy source. This short procedure is done under anesthesia and allows for fast recovery usually allowing women to return to work and their usual activity in one to two days.

NovaSure is the most commonly used form of ablation. It is a one time, short procedure with no incision. Ninety percent of treated women have much lighter periods, and forty percent have NO further bleeding.

This is a great therapy for heavy bleeding for many women who don’t need a hysterectomy due to other factors.

Please call for a consultation to see if NovaSure is the right procedure for you.

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