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Normal and High Risk Obstetrics

Having the proper knowledge and medical care during pregnancy is essential to the successful birth of your child. Dr. Fuller and his staff are committed to helping you throughout your pregnancy. During your doctor’s visits, your health and your baby’s health will be professionally monitored. Ultrasounds are used to visually track your baby’s development. We have a certified ultrasound technician performing our OB ultrasounds in the privacy of our office.


Dr. Fuller is also experienced with high risk pregnancies. Conditions that can lead to high risk pregnancy include high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, heart disease, and diabetes. We offer specialized care for these women to ensure healthy pregnancy and childbirth. Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists are down the hall to assist Dr. Fuller in overseeing the care of our high risk patients.


Did you know…

that approximately 1 in every 10 pregnancies is classified as high risk? Plenty of high-risk pregnancies have normal outcomes, and some low-risk pregnancies present unexpected complications. Not all problems are predictable, but even with pregnancy challenges, both low-risk and high-risk mothers can experience healthy deliveries and healthy babies. Dr. Fuller has extensive experience in handling these challenging circumstances.

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